Notably, in the past Dr Reiter has spent several years working as Coordinator of Clinical Training and Staff Specialist at Concord Hospital and currently serves as Honorary Visiting Medical Officer at the hospital.

Concord Hospital is a teaching hospital of Sydney University and part of Dr Reiter’s role involved regular student teaching, particularly in the area of Rheumatology. As well as tutoring candidates for their Physicians Exam in all areas of Internal Medicine, she also conducted sessions of the Sports Clinic. Dr Reiter was responsible for Senior Resident Medical Officer, Resident Medical Officer and Intern Training, term allocation and rostering. She also had input for Institute policy regarding the distribution and appropriateness of Junior Medical Officer secondments, and was Chair of the Network Secondment Committee from 1997 to 2008.

Dr Reiter has presented papers at several Scientific Meetings including the Australian Conference Science and Medicine in Sport and the Australian Rheumatology Association, NSW Branch Scientific Meeting. She has also been published in Surgical and Scientific Journals.